The Loveland, CO Reporter-Herald newspaper has a story about Amelia Furman, a 2003 IWU alumna whose interest in art has taken her from Marion to Istanbul to the mountains of Northern Colorado, where she moved to draw inspiration from the surrounding beauty.

Today, Furman’s work combines specific subject material in the collage with an excellent painting that places emphasis on the subject. The collage could be an old newspaper of some past event or it could be an old photograph. The two art forms work together and complement each other to suggest a story. Just enough of the collage shows through the painting, and the painting is created skillfully so that it will not distract from the collage.

Read the full story here. See more art from Amelia Furman here. See more from Loveland’s Art in the Park, where Furman displays her work.

Slider Photo: Wusei007 (license)