Keith BlackburnIndianapolis’ WISH-TV has a story today on Keith Blackburn, a student of Wesley Seminary at IWU, and Misty Wallace, the victim of the 1992 shooting for which Blackburn was convicted and spent several years in prison.

The article tells the story, related last year on the IWU Spectrum, of how Wallace and Blackburn found one another again:

It took 18 years of that anger before Wallace simply Googled her attacker’s name. Like many victims, she wanted answers.

“I wanted to know why,” Wallace said. “Why did you pick me?”

She was shocked when she learned that the teenage boy who left her for dead and went to prison for it is now a chaplain for the Indiana Department of Corrections. His efforts with prisoners were even honored by the governor.

Another six months passed before she decided she wanted to know even more.

“I looked him up on Facebook and found him,” she said.

It took her days to compose a note to him.

He responded. They eventually met.

In November 2012, Misty Wallace and Keith Blackburn sat together telling their story to inmates at Miami Correctional Facility. The talk is part of a program called Bridges to Life, an effort to help victims get through the pain, understand the crime and perhaps forgive.

“For all of these years I have been attempting to put that bullet back in the gun but I could never take away the pain; I could never take away the hurt or harm I inflicted,” Blackburn shared. “Twenty years ago, I did what she did not deserve. Two years ago she gave me what I did not deserve. She said, ‘I forgive you. I forgive you.’ How can she forgive me? I struggled with forgiving myself.”

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Slider image: Wikipedia/Schavda