This story came to us recently from an individual accompanying a group of IWU nursing students spending a semester studying in Zambia:

“The IWU Zambia team was traveling today from Zimba to Macha when just a few km outside Kaloma, a large passenger bus passed us. Just a few seconds after he passed us, our driver saw him swerve and go off the road. Apparently, one of his front tires had a blowout and he swerved off the road, hit a small tree which tore apart most of the left side of the front of the bus. He was able to keep from flipping the bus and got it to a stop. We were the first at the scene of the accident, and our students grabbed their gloves and ran over to the bus where they started helping people who had been injured. Some were lifted out of the bus through windows; several were lifted out through the open front of the bus. There were many lacerations; but there were some more serious injuries. At least two women had fractured legs which were secured with branches and our chitenges (about a 2-yd piece of cloth which is wrapped around one like a skirt). [T]hey grabbed all our water bottles and washed wounds, gave drinks, etc. etc. They also cut up a chitenge to use as bandage or whatever was needed at the moment. The police arrived fairly quickly and many others also stopped to help. In lieu of an ambulance, the police brought 2 pick-up trucks which people were loaded onto to be taken to the hospital in Choma. You should have seen the students practicing their great transporting techniques to get the people from one side of the road to the other side where the trucks were parked. They did an outstanding job of responding to an emergency!! I was so proud of them!”

Good job IWU students! See you back on campus in the spring.

Photo credit: Vardion (license)