A fragment believed by the FBI to be part of bomb used in the April 15 Boston Marathon attack.

Tim Meier, a 2003 IWU graduate and a pastor based in Paris, France, had already finished his Boston Marathon run on Monday when two bombs exploded.

He wrote a blog post this week sharing his own thoughts. As police continue to follow the trail of a suspect, his thoughts on justice and a Christian response to a culture of violence are well worth reading.

We thought at first that it was fireworks or something else.  But, then the texts started rolling in from people on the ground by the finish asking where we were.  We turned on the TV.  The Boston Marathon had just been attacked by terrorists.  People were already dead.  Others had lost limbs.  And we almost, literally, not for the sake of being dramatic, walked right into the bombs.

The whole atmosphere of the city changed.  Usually after a marathon, even if it doesn’t go the way you want, you party a bit.  You celebrate the day, discuss your successes or misses, and enjoy.  But not now.  Now, life got really real….

…I know the right answers, but right now I’m sort of with Obama.  I want justice.But, I also know that just punishing these people, while the right thing to do, won’t end a culture of violence or hateful evil. Ending the cycle can start in many places, but it mostly starts with us.  But, this is also why having the knowledge that one day Jesus will come and right all of this is so comforting.  I long for that day.

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Photo Credits: Aaron Tang (source), FBI