PattengaleIWU history professor Dr. Jerry Pattengale, a frequent guest columnist for the Washington Post, has written an op-ed contemplating the traditional Christian doctrine of the Antichrist:

Our organization recently hosted the Verbum Domini exhibit at the Vatican, and like it or not, the Antichrist prediction is in papyrus, vellum and paper copies of the Bible stretching back 2,000 years. It is part of the Christian story, as Christiane Amanpour’s recent ABC special revealed (Dec. 21, 28). Her journey through ancient religions ended not in Jerusalem or Rome, but a Kansas City shopping center much in prayer about the end times—25,000 young believers gathered at the International House of Prayer on December 30.

While millions paid homage this season to the miraculous birth in the Christian story (“Christ’s mass”), many want distance from the supernatural “stuff” as Michael Reeves notes in Christianity Today. He shares about overhearing someone referring to him as a Bible scholar but one who also “loves that Trinity stuff.” As if it “was embarrassing,” or a secondary part of the Christian message. On the same score, what do we make of “that Antichrist stuff?”

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