Wesleyan Life, the official magazine of the The Wesleyan Church, just posted an article which in part discusses Launch, the church planting-oriented student group recently founded by Indiana Wesleyan University senior Gabe Melian.

Since the church planting emphasis week at IWU, more than 100 students have responded with interest in church planting. LAUNCH leaders are following up with them and planning events for the rest of the spring semester: invite church planters to IWU for Q&A sessions, take road trips to nearby church plants, and invite church leaders to speak about specific topics related to church planting.

Gabe says the goal is to “help students understand their value and unique role in the church.”

“We are a network of students who are passionate about the mission of the church that Jesus laid out in Matthew 28:19,” says Gabe. He believes pursuing this verse has a natural outcome: new churches. “We have an urgency and burden to reach our generation for Christ through new church work by using our God-given talents and resources. We do not want to graduate to simply pursue a career but to pursue a calling God has placed on our lives to reach our generation.”

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