Wesleyan.org has a profile of Joshua Lavender, the Indiana Wesleyan University student who recently won The Wesleyan Church’s nationwide songwriting contest. Lavender will perform his song at this summer’s General Conference.

About his winning song, “Nothing Between,” Joshua says, “I knew I wanted to write a song expressing the simplicity of our task as Christians, to let nothing come between ourselves and God.” Reflecting on formative conversations in his past, he said “It became a habit to ask myself if there was anything I was holding back from God.”

In the “About” section of Joshua’s Facebook page, he reflects on his personal faith: “I’m all heart but still learning to love. I’m a warrior that battles the unseen, I’m a slave that chose his chains, I’m a survivor… What was sent to destroy me, through Him I have overcome. Who am I? I am His.”

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