nefariousThe IWU community donated more than $1400 to the anti-sex trafficking END IT movement last night and this morning after a special screening of the film Nefarious: Merchant of Souls in the IWU Chapel Auditorium, hosted by the Office of the Dean of the Chapel and the student organization Doulos.

“This money will be going to help the 27 Million women, children, and men oppressed in sex-slavery & forced labor,” wrote Doulos president Al Pritchard, an IWU sophomore, on Doulos’ Facebook page this morning. “To God be the Glory, Amen.”

The END IT movement, a campaign born out of the 2012 Passion Conference in Atlanta Georgia, is a partnership of many of the major organizations dedicated to fighting sex trafficking and other forms of slavery.

The screening of Nefarious was the first step in a semester-long campaign spearheaded by Doulos to involve IWU in the END IT movement.

On a campus which bears the name of famed abolitionist John Wesley and continues the heritage of a denomination formed to fight slavery in pre-Civil War America, Pritchard believes that he has found a largely untapped population of supporters for the growing movement to end sex trafficking.

“There’s a lot of students that have a heart, but they don’t necessarily know what to do, what avenue, what outlet to go through on this campus,” Pritchard told the IWU Spectrum. “So we just want to be there and be like, ‘hey, we’re right there. You can come to us and work with us.’ And just coming together as a community, we can do something, to maybe send out a ripple effect in the world.”