Flag_of_UgandaThe Butte County Post has a story about Mike Doud, an IWU alumnus who does construction and agricultural work with Village of Hope Uganda, an orphanage in northern Uganda for young people displaced by a civil war.

Doud, who graduated from IWU in 1995, has been working in Uganda since 2008. Village of Hope has more than 200 orphans.

Doud and his wife Janelle told the Post how they came to be involved with Village of Hope:

The Douds were operating an electrical contracting company specializing in commercial and industrial wiring prior to their new life in Uganda. Their home church in the US is BayLife Church, Brandon, Fla. They began to pursue God’s leading and discovered a strong link between their home church and VOH. The organization was looking for people with the Douds’ background and skill set.

A typical day in the life of the Douds and the people they serve includes: a bucket bath, two meals of beans and posho (corn meal), and a breakfast of cold, boiled cassava and coffee.

“After that there is no ‘typical,’” Doud said, “as the diversity of the ministry and challenges here lend to lots and lots of variety. We farm, growing cassava, maize, beans, mangos and chili peppers. We raise pigs, do beekeeping, and are starting with goats.”

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Image source: Eright (license)