The Troy Daily news has a story today about Grant Zawadzki, a IWU Wildcats basketball recruit who has spent the summer recovering from a knee injury:

“Before I even found out how serious it was, they told me that they were still behind me,” he said. “They said they believed in me no matter what.”

That’s how Zawadzki knew that not only did he want to go to Indiana Wesleyan, but the Wildcats wanted him there just as strongly.

Troy Christian’s point guard, who will be entering his senior year when school begins, made his college decision over the summer, choosing to play basketball for the Indiana Wesleyan University Wildcats — the defending national champions in NAIA Division II.

“It was just a perfect fit for me,” Zawadzki said. “They’re a national basketball powerhouse program, and the culture there was just something I couldn’t pass up. They fit my belief system perfectly. Not only will they make me a better student and basketball player, but also a better person.”

And that belief system is something that’s always been important to Zawadzki, as well as Troy Christian’s boys basketball program since his father Ray Zawadzki became head coach.

“They say that ‘you’re third.’ They tell you to put God first, other second and yourself third,” Zawadzki said. “It’s not about you. It’s about others and God. A program with that type of attitude is rare to find.

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