front range churchThey call it church planting for a reason.

When Nathan Lamb and his family came to the Denver area from Marion, Indiana, they wanted to make sure they had a church that grew deep roots in the surrounding community.

“Our vision as a church is to be a church for Littleton, and to figure out how to make that work,” Lamb says. “We use the phrase ‘Rooted and Reaching.’ ”

For Front Range Church, that meant avoiding a traditional church location. Most recently, they began meeting in a recreation center. Merely by virtue of their location, they’ve attracted new attenders: “Here we are, a church, in a building full of people that chose not to go to church on  Sunday morning.”

They also made sure that their core team, a group of twentysomethings who moved with the Lambs from Marion, spread out into the community to grow the church through substantial relationships with a  wide range of people.

“While we were in our infancy, primarily a young adult church, the interesting thing about Front Range and watching young adults plant a church from scratch is that our church has a wide range of generations represented. We have a grandma that brings her granddaughter to church: someone that was reached by a young adult that was two generations removed from them…

“The thing that has been really, really beautiful about this journey is seeing young adults build a church that’s not just for them,” Lamb says.