theedgeIt’s rare that you’ll find a Wesleyan congregation that bills itself as “a hip-hop church.”

“Everything from our worship, the way things look, to everything about it embodies the hip-hop culture,” says Pastor Troy Evans of The Edge Urban Fellowship. They meet in a century-old church building with stained glass windows and graffiti art in the lobby and sanctuary. “It’s a unique clash of traditional and modern and hip-hop.”

While the service puts a unique spin on the worship experience, “It’s the other six days of the week that we are actually being family and church,” Evans says.

The Edge has invested in church and community leaders by starting seven businesses in the past few years to help realize the ideas of entrepreneurial church members, each one with a ministry aspect.

“We believe strongly in building the people. What’s your mission, your vision, and how does your mission and vision tie in with what we do at The Edge?”

These businesses include a dance team, Momentum, which performed at IWU in February; a music studio in the basement;
and a video production company.

“We have a young girl that’s 11 years old, she started her own accessory company. She does hair bows, and wallets, and all kinds of stuff like that,” Evans says.

This is The Edge’s way of creating leaders for the future.

“For us, it’s most important that we build into those leaders and then build their capacity so that they will be available for ministry for the long haul,” he says.